Officers from Atitjere, Engawala, Laramba, Ti Tree communities, Yuelamu, and Nyirripi attended the two day training conference held at Double Tree.
The teams participated in Responding to Behaviours of Concern delivered by Eagle Training, Suicide Awareness (“what I say, what I do”) delivered by Standby / Youturn, and De-escalation Training delivered by Resolution Education.
“It was wonderful for our team to be able to come together in one place, network, share stories, ideas and advice on issues in each of their communities,” said Ashlee Fuller, Roving Coordinator, Youth & Community Safety.

Photo above: The Community Safety Patrol crew.

Learning about body language. Learning about body language.

De-escalation training. De-escalation training.

Anita Morton and Jeff Aubert.Anita Morton and Jeff Aubert.