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Welcome to the Central Desert Regional Council

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the Central Desert Regional Council website.

2021 Local Government Elections

The 2021 Local Government Elections were held in August and the results have been released. You can view the results on our Elected Members page. 

 For any further information about the elections, visit the Northern Territory Electoral Commission website.


COVID-19 Important Information


A Public Health Emergency has been declared, for official information on COVID-19 please visit

Please click Statement of Commitment to view the Central Desert Regional Council COVID-19 Statement of Commitment.

Important information from the Northern Territory Government Health Department about the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Everyone here in the Territory is asked to get a vaccine needle against the COVID-19 virus.
  • The vaccine medicine is safe and free.
  • You will need to get it 2 times and we ask that you get these needles to keep everyone in your community safe.
  • You can help to make things good for everyone. Do this so you are safe, do this so your community is safe. 
  • COVID-19 effects everyone. Do this so we can stop COVID-19.
  • If you are worried or if you want to know more, the website has lots of information. You can also talk to your local health clinic about how and when that needle will be given.
  • Know the COVID19 needle / vaccine story.  We can all help make the Territory safe.

Here is a recording of these messages in Warlpiri and in Pintupi/Luritja.

Below are some recordings of other important COVID-19 messages from the Northern Territory Government's Health Department in the main language groups from the CDRC area:


East Central Arrente


And here are some on the importance of hand washing:

East Central Arrente - Hand Washing

Walpiri - Hand Washing

For messages in other languages visit


COVID-19 hotline number - 1800 020 080

If you are seeking information regarding travel to a remote community in the Northern Territory phone 1800 518 189.

CDRC COVID-19 Management Plan

Below is our COVID-19 Management Plan and sub-plans.

CDRC COVID-19 Management Plan. The overall CDRC COVID-19 mangement plan.

Remote Council Services COVID-19 Management sub-plan. The Remote Council Services COVID-19 sub-plan.

Remote Community Services COVID-19 Management sub-plan. The Remote Community Services COVID-19 sub-plan.


The Council and staff would like to invite you to browse our website and find out more about our organisation and communities.

News from around the region

Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Community Development Program (CDP) surveyed clients to get input from job seekers and the community on what they thought of the quality of services provided by the CDP program and to gain insight on areas respondents wanted to see improvement in. 74 respondents were surveyed across the communities of Ti Tree, Willowra, Laramba, Yuelamu and Yuendumu at the CDP...

This weekend at Alice Springs Basketball Stadium, the Yuelamu Men’s basketball team and Engawala Men’s Basketball team will represent Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) at Southern Cup Basketball Tournament. The teams will travel to Alice Springs along with teams from all over...

Work has begun on fitting out the former Wilora works depot as a men’s shed. This was a result of a community survey and a request from the Wilora community. Preliminary plans were drawn up with contributions from community members and Mark Wilson, Team Leader Activities Community Development Program (CDP. The preliminary plans have now been professionally produced by a draftsperson ready for quotations...

Lanceton Campbell just completed ten years of working for Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) at Anmatjere Aged Care in Ti Tree.

Lanceton started with Aged Care on 2 August 2011 as a Support Worker and with dedicated hard work has worked his way up to Supervisor.

Congratulations and well done, Lanceton!