In the event of an emergency, the Chief Warden is the person appointed to give direction to staff and public (if present) with the area wardens assisting in clearing the building and making sure everyone is safe. This could be a fire or a personal threat incident as an example.
Ashlee Fuller and Gracether Kharkia are two new wardens who have tested their equipment, including red helmet and vest, gloves, torch, 2 way radio, spare batteries and a bag to keep it all in. Let’s hope they never need to use them, except in a drill of course.
Part of the CDRC values of CRISP is Safety: Safety takes priority over all actions and we want everyone to arrive at work and go home from work safe. Having well equipped wardens is a part of keeping CDRC a safe place to work.

Photo above: Ashlee Fuller and Gracether Kharkia with their new warden kits.