They will be competing against local governments from the top end, including Darwin, Palmerston and Katherine. The competition will be run on Tuesday 2 May in Darwin and the winners will be heading to the Australasian finals in August.

The AMC is a “simulation-based team building, learning and networking program using real local government themes – the types of issues that a senior management team in a council would most likely face.” The teams of six are challenged to respond to a series of tasks in a unique one-day, fast paced, ‘pressure cooker’ environment.

This helps team members to develop skills and become more effective in the way they lead, think, communicate, negotiate, make decisions, analyse and engage.

Desert Think Tank is made up of Abhaya Sharma, Andrew Cook, Ashlee Fuller, Daniel Shane, Marijhan Samy and Patchouli Cross, as well as their mentor, Rachel Wilson. Talyena Murray was originally on the team, and contributed to the pre-challenge task, but due to personal reasons had to pull out, with Marijhan Samy taking her place.

Photo above: Andrew Cook, Marijhan Samy, Patchouli Cross, Abhaya Sharma, Ashlee Fuller and Daniel Shane of Desert Think Tank.

The Desert Think Tank logo.The Desert Think Tank logo.