Dennis Braun, Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Coordinator Council Services and the municipal crew spent some time clearing the grass and brush cutting. The crew even gave the boulders at the entrance a coat of paint to help brighten up the area. The rain water tank taps have been replaced, and once the heavens open up, tourist can enjoy fresh rain water.
During the peak of the tourist season Atitjere sees many travellers give the Outback Highway a go. This provides income for the Arts Centre and local Community Store.
“Most days we see a van or three using the space provided at the rest stop. Atitjere welcomes visitors and will always be happy to provide a smile and wave to anyone stopping by,” said Warren Kenney, Regional Manager, Council Services Delivery – East.

Photo above: The Municipal crew painting the entrance boulders.

The spruced up rest area.The spruced up rest area.