It kicked off with Laramba and Yuelamu youth showcasing their creative side. They worked with fabric paint to personalise their own shirts and socks, painting their favourite colours on the shirts and creating their own designs. Some even used white t-shirts to design AFL jerseys.
The youth also got to play around with clay to create something they could take home with them. There were some very unique designs from cups, bowls, love hearts and even a snowman.
Yuelamu’s youth enjoyed a day out and cooked up some kangaroo tails, sweet potatoes, and potatoes with some salad on the side. A few older women in community joined in who helped guide the younger children on collecting the right firewood, digging the pit and wrapping up the potatoes and roo tails.
“Afterwards we all sat together, exchanging stories whilst enjoying our meal,” said Leontin Pawape, Team Leader, Youth and Community Safety, Laramba.

Photo above: Covering the kangaroo tails with coals.

Bush medicine made by the participants.Original T-shirt design.

Clay snowman creation.Clay snowman creation.