They were accompanied by local Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) staff from Youth, Sport and Recreation (YSR) and Community Safety Patrol (CSP).
Under the guidance of local staff the girls learnt how to build a fire and cook kangaroo tails and sweet potato.
The girls enjoyed the day out, and are keen to do more bush trips more often.
Local staff also enjoyed the trip as they were happy to share knowledge of cooking kangaroo tail and of the land they were on.
“It was a great day cooking together, sharing stories together and eating together,” said Leontin (Lelly) Pawape, Team Leader, Youth and Community Safety Laramba.

Photo above: Divvying up the kangaroo tail.

 Preparing the sweet potato for baking.Preparing the sweet potato for baking.
 Kangaroo tails ready for cooking.Kangaroo tails ready for cooking.