There will be a plaster figurine decoration competition and each community gets big, medium and small prize packs for the winners. They also get some Easter bunny headbands and of course there will be an Easter egg hunt.
The prizes include a plush toys, lollies and chocolates.
Each participating community will also receive some plaster Easter figurines and some wooden figurines, boxes and toys that can be built and painted.
The Yuelamu YSR program teamed up with the school to start decorating their plaster Easter eggs and chose the principal of the school to be the judge - always a hard job. The prizes will be handed out on Friday which is the last day of school.
The other communities will have their Easter egg hunt next week sometime.
“I hope the kids enjoy this event as much as I enjoyed putting the gifts together,” said Minette Van Wyk, Senior Administrator, YSR.

Photo above: Some of the prizes for the Easter Festival.
 Easter Bunny headbands for prizes.Easter Bunny headbands for prizes.
Some of the plasters that the kids can decorate.Some of the plasters that the kids can decorate.
Some of the wooden toys that can be painted by the kids.Some of the wooden toys that can be painted by the kids.