While Troy and Matt were explaining how they organised meetings Ronnie Hagan, of Laramba, was completing a drawing of a traditional peacemaking meeting (pictured).  This, along with Stephen Briscoe’s (also of Laramba) declaration that there was too much talking and too many words in the slideshow, caused Troy and Matt to re-evaluate certain aspects of the program.

The morning of the third day saw participants working in small groups to create their own image of a modern peacemaking meeting in their communities. 

Although each group presented an image that looked different, all were explained in quite the same way. Troy and Matt, although both having an extensive history of working with Indigenous Australians, were reminded of the importance of visual storytelling and knowledge sharing to the Aboriginal staff, and have assured the group that they will be working on including more images in their future presentations.

“The insights from the group were exceptional, and everyone should be celebrated for their contributions over the three days,” said Troy Degenhardt.

The crew members obviously enjoyed the training, as afterwards some participants called the office to ask when it would be possible to arrange the next training event, which would see them gain accreditation as mediators.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find the Conflict Mediation sessions to be a more ‘Down To Earth’ approach than other similar sessions I have attended,” said Scott Pinchbeck, CSP Team Leader Atitjere and Engawala.

“Troy and Matt spoke clearly to the group, taking time to explain “white-fellas” way of doing things, then extracting information from the group relevant to how Indigenous Law/Rule works,” said Jeff Aubert, CSP Team Leader Ti Tree.

“This training also highlighted the great work CSPs currently do in the community and how important (and difficult) their job is,” he added.

Photo above: The CSP crew with facilitators Troy Degenhardt and Matthew Panayi. The drawing on the screen is by Ronnie Hagan, of Laramba, of a traditional peacemaking meeting.


Participants discussing one of their pictures of a modern peacemaking meeting in their community

Participants discussing one of their pictures of a modern peacemaking meeting in their community.