Due to bad weather, the men’s inter-community game between Engawala and Anmatjere was abandoned.

“The behaviours and overall level of respect demonstrated from the women in the inter-community game was exceptional, and we expect a strong performance on and off the field next week from both our men and women,” said Aaron Tannahill, Operations Coordinator Youth Sport and Recreation.

“The Imparja Cup plays a significant part in providing a pathway for Central Desert Regional Council community members, and the event has such a rich history, so we are delighted to be in a position to attend once again.”

 Games will commence on Monday 15 February with finals held on Friday 19 February. Flynn Drive and Ross Park will be used for the Men’s and Women’s Community fixtures.

Photo: the teams Laramba (orange) and Yuelamu (blue) with James Anderson and Stephen Evans (Team Leaders Youth, Sport and Recreation).