In June 2020 Atitjere received thirty pieces of mail on the mail plane – this was an all-time record and beat the previous record of twenty eight around Christmas time. This latest run beat them both.
Due to the recent bad weather the regular Friday morning mail delivery was not able to be completed so quite a few communities missed out on their weekly mail. This caused a backup of mail to be delivered – the mail plane is not very big, so there was a possibility of this week’s delivery being severely impacted.
Fortunately Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) had an Atitjere staff member in Alice Springs this Thursday. After a quick call to the mail plane service a plan was put in place to get the mail delivered. Not only did this help the CDRC community mail to be delivered but also helped free up space on the plane to allow more mail for the more outlying communities to be delivered on time.
“The entire back of the ute was full of mail as was half the back seat. We would have been playing catch up for weeks,” said Warren Kenney, Manager, Council Services Delivery – East.

Photo: The mail load.