Not an uncommon problem in the normally hot and dry desert region but this had been particularly troublesome.
“With some input from our refrigeration contractor and some planning and preparation from the facilities team a simple but hopefully effective solution has been put in place,” said Warren Kenney, Manager, Council Services Delivery – East.
The plan was to build a shade structure over the wall that receives the most sun of the cool room.
Colin French and Murray Kniese from CDRC facilities visited Engawala with all the necessary supplies and with the assistance of Scott Pinchbeck, Engawala Coordinator - Community Services and Warren Kenney who was visiting, the job was completed in a matter of hours on one of the most humid days experienced in a long time.
“Since the shade shelter has been installed the cool room has been running trouble free and appears to be running easily and hopefully more efficiently,” said Warren Kenney.

Photo: The new shade cloth in front of the Engawala Aged Care cool room.