The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Atitjere Aged Care centre in particular has suffered lightning damage. A nearby strike some weeks ago took out the power and fatally damaged the air conditioners. This week it is believed that the facility was hit twice in the space of twenty four hours.
The first was a strike to the nearby power pole requiring a visit from the Essential Services Officer to replace the pole fuses restoring power. That evening another storm rolled in and it appears the facility received another strike, this time burning out the circuit breakers in the main meter panel. Due to the weather and subsequent road closures a repair will take some time.
Patchouli Cross, Senior Aged Care Coordinator, and Warren Kenney, Manager, Council Services – East, formulated a plan to relocate Aged Care Services to the Council Office.
Atitjere Municipal and Aged Care staff were able to relocate all the refrigerated goods to the Council office and are temporarily running Aged Care from the office meeting room. External access to the meeting room also means that there is an extra level of COVID-19 safety allowing the Aged Care staff to enter and exit without using the main public entry to the Office.
“All in all a good result,” said Warren Kenney.

Photo above: Elizabeth Ross and Jacinta Glen organising the Aged Care food in the Council office.

A lightning strike damages the circuit breakers of the main meter panel.A lightning strike damages the circuit breakers of the main meter panel.