Two of the staff from the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Atitjere Municipal team assisted in taking out Aged Care hampers for the week along with some basic medical needs put together by the Atitjere Clinic. The access road to Irrerlirre is only accessible by four wheel drive at present and the Plenty River that runs alongside Irrerlirre is running, isolating the residents.
“The local community had already checked out the creek and found it was safe to wade across as it does not flow fast but had told us that it is too boggy and would stop a car from crossing,” said Warren Kenney, Manager, Council Services Delivery – East.
Irrerlirre residents waded across the creek to meet Council staff and took it in turns to ferry the supplies across the creek. The hampers and supplies were delivered without incident providing support to the Aged Care clients of Irrerlirre.
“Council staff members Shannon White and Trevor Blue highlighted the fact that you should never attempt to drive across flooded creeks and rivers and commented on the fact that the creek looked very calm. They knew that the crossing could not be attempted by car and were happy that the locals were able to meet them on their side of the creek,” said Warren Kenney.

Photo: Testing the water.