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The community is located off the Stuart Highway 300kms north of Alice Springs. Travel up the Stuart Highway towards Tennant Creek, and turn off highway above Ti Tree towards Mt Barkly, travel 130km to the community.

Council's activities in Willowra:

No. Staff: 34 people (83% Indigenous)

Local Authority: Harold Ross (Chairperson),Kathy Walker (Deputy Chair), Justina Forrest, Jeanie Presley, Lillian Long,  Owen Williams, Ashley Martin.

Ward Councillors: Cr Adrian Dixon, Cr Jacob Spencer, Cr Warren Williams, Cr Frreddy Williams, Cr April Martin.

Community Achievements (2015/2016):

  • Welcome sign installed at community entry as the final feature in the beautification of the community entrance
  • Over 30 metres of concrete pathway laid between major community facilities to improve wheelchair and pedestrian access
  • Completion of the community’s first public park
  • Installation of six new solar lights in public spaces to improve safety
  • Two sections of gazette community roads reconstructed to alleviate flooding, all community roads resealed and concrete curbing installed at all intersections
  • Traffic Management Plan targeting off-road vehicle control and traffic calming devices
  • Confirmation of a lease on a lot containing residential accommodation which will be used for staff and visitors
  • Completion of 26 new community housing fences
  • Fencing of the lot intended for staff and visitor accommodation
  • Upgrade to the landfill’s permanent solid sorting bays
  • Funding secured for construction of a new softball field to meet Softball Australian international playing standards
  • Planting of 80 native trees by CDP participants
  • Development and implementation of a community recycling program by CDP staff and participants with over 15,000 beverage containers recycled and proceeds being invested back into community
  • Collaboration with CAT Projects to deliver Certificate II in Construction Pathways to 10 CDP participants
  • CDP participants developed a kitchen garden in the school grounds for residents to harvest vegetables
  • A total of 9,456 hours delivered to CDP participants
  • Acquisition of a mini bus dedicated to transporting Aged Care clients Abridged aged care services have been operating for over 12 months with planning underway to construct a purpose built facility
  • Local Willowra School Nutrition staff prepared and provided 1,863 breakfasts, 5,589 lunches and 11,178 morning/ afternoon, totalling 18,630 healthy meals for students attending school teas throughout the year

Phone (08) 8956 4820
Fax (08) 8956 4920