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2013/2014 Shire Plan

I am really pleased to present the Council plan for 2013/14.  This is a big picture plan, it tells the story of what we want to do, what we hope to achieve over the next year. 

But this is not just the Council’s plan. It belongs to everyone in the Central Desert region. All the residents and the workers have played their part in this plan being put together. You may not realise it but it’s true.  If you’re talking to a councillor or a Local Board member, if you’re a worker in Childcare or Aged Care, if you’re working for the Shire in the office or at the depot, if you talk to the SSM about how to do things better or ideas about what you want for your community, you are helping develop our Council Plan. That’s where your ideas end up, in this plan.

It’s really important that we continue to provide local ideas. Over the past twelve months the Local Boards have worked really well and have put forward great ideas.  It’s also important that we try to find local solutions to local problems. That’s why this year we will continue to support and work closely with the Local Boards, we’re going to be looking for increased leadership from the Local Boards and we’re going to be putting a lot of effort into developing community plans that clearly say what each community wants, in the short term and the long term. We need a vision that we can all work towards, that’s what our community plans will give us.

The Regional Council also wants to make sure that the services that we are providing continue to be of a high standard. But we are also always on the look out for ways of doing things better.  The Council is changing the way we go about our business giving more decision making power to Council Services Managers and Coordinators in communities so that they can respond quicker to your request and needs.

We have also changed some of the ways we do our business to make sure we are keeping up with the reforms being brought in by the Northern Territory and Commonwealth Government. We think that we are pretty well placed to meet any of the challenges presented by the reforms because we have made the smart decisions already so many of the changes Government is suggesting we are already doing.

Managing the whole of life business that the Central Desert Regional Council does is a difficult job but it’s very rewarding. We see people’s lives improving, we see communities developing, people actively using services and participating in events, we see people going to work and to school, working hard and improving themselves and their families. That is what makes being part of the council so rewarding.

I would like to thank the Councillors, the Local Boards and the staff of the Central Desert Regional Council for making the Council a great place to work, for doing excellent work and for making the Council an organisation we can be very proud of.

Cr Adrian Dixon