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Water Project to Provide Clean Drinking Water for Yuelamu


On Monday 27 April 2020 Yuelamu received their delivery of 60 boxes solar hydropanels for the Hydropanel Water Project that will provide the local residents of Yuelamu community with clean drinking water.

The unloading of the 60 boxes of Hydro panels was a combined effort from the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) made up of staff from Youth, Sport and Recreation - Team Leader Aaron Tannahill and Sherwin Forrester; the Works team - Billy Senior Stafford and Adrian Stafford; and the Community Services Coordinator (CSC) Tammi Booker. Adrian and Sherwin pushed the large boxes off the semi-trailer onto the forks of the bobcat that Billy Senior was operating while Tammi and Aaron supported the boxes once they came onto the forks. This was a great example of the team work that CDRC can achieve when different departments help each other.

The large boxes were stored in the compound where they will assembled for the Hydropanel water processing project.

Instead of using groundwater, Hydropanels use solar power to collect water vapour from the air, which turns into water and is then mineralised by adding calcium and magnesium, placed in an ozonator and then piped to a tap or tank. It can work in less than 10% humidity, so even in the desert it can make water ‘out of thin air’.

“Central Desert Regional Council have been advocating for clean water for Yuelamu for a long time, so this is an exciting development and we hope the outcomes of this trial are positive. If sufficient water can be provided, this solution would be welcome in other communities in the region as well,” said CDRC CEO Diane Hood.

Photo: Billy Senior Stafford operates the Bobcat while the other staff look on, ready to help.