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Sports Donations a Boost for Yuelamu and Engawala


  The communities of Engawala and Yuelamu received some welcomed donations to assist everyone throughout the Coronavirus period.

  Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service (CAYLUS) made a donation of sports balls, basketball singlets and shorts, and football and cricket boots. The sports balls were handed out to individuals to help keep them active in a safe way during the Coronavirus period, while the basketball singlets were allocated to children as an incentive to attend school.  Football and cricket boots received at Engawala were likewise allocated to children through the local Alcoota School.

  International Marketing Concepts (IMC) donated 200 drink bottles and dozens of AFL polo shirts to Yuelamu community. The drink bottles were distributed to school children and the wider community. The AFL polo shirts will be distributed in the cooler months to those in need.

  “It is wonderful to receive a large donation such as this to support our communities” said Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Team Leader of Youth, Sport and Recreation (YSR) in Yuelamu, Aaron Tannahill. “The drink bottles in Yuelamu will increase personal hygiene throughout this period and into the future by minimising sharing drink bottles. The basketball singlets are worn within community with pride, and kids have taken ownership of their own individual sports ball.”

  CDRC Team Leader of YSR in Engawala, Stephen Royes, said that the donations have brought enjoyment to local children and added a sporting aspect to their regular routines during these difficult times. “Several recipients have taken the opportunity to try out their new sports equipment at the local basketball courts, with people delighted to receive their own sports ball,” he said.

  Photo: Elywn Daniels, of CDRC Community Safety Patrol (CSP), and Lorenzo Daniels from Yuelamu showing some of the donations.