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A Quick Nyirripi Visit


Nick Brown (Director Council Services) and Pip Parsonson (Director Community Services) were in Nyirripi for the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Ordinary Council meeting on 29 July. Before they left town they dropped into the Aged Care Centre to say hello to staff and see how they were going. Although busy, Wayne Porter (Aged Care Services Coordinator in Nyirripi) was very helpful and showed Nick around who had not visited Nyirripi before.

Wayne seized the photo opportunity and along with Portia Michaels and Joy Brown from the Aged Care Centre had the four of them posing for a photo before they knew what was happening.

Both Nick and Pip were very impressed with the professionalism and mood of all the staff and the clean and organised state of the centre.

“Clearly all the staff are doing a really great job,” said Pip.

Photo: Portia Michaels and Joy Brown (in front) with Nick Brown and Pip Parsonson.