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Engawala Cemetery Plot Marker Trial


The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) Engawala works crew have installed new plot markers in the cemetery, as part of a trial to better mark out the plots.

“Community residents have visited the site after the works were completed, and were very happy with the new plot markers in the cemetery,” said Community Services Coordinator, Frank Tzoukos.

“Engawala has one of the best cemeteries in CDRC. It highlights the need for caring and respecting for the deceased,” he added.

After the success of the trial, the plot markers will be introduced to all CDRC cemeteries, says Jason McKissock, acting Regional Manager Municipal Services. “They should all be completed in the next 12 months.”

Main photo: Field officers Bruno Tilmouth, Eric Tilmouth, Adrian Price and Tyrone James finishing off a marker.

new plot markers at Engawala cemetery

Some of the new plot markers at Engawala cemetery.