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CDRC Staff Gain White Card Qualifications On-Line


 Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) used COVID-19 restrictions to their advantage in July with a number of staff completing the Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction training online through a special one-off trial with Charles Darwin University. Staff from both head office and communities were offered the course which was broken down to sessions of two hours each over three days instead of the normal full day.

 Staff learned about work health and safety requirements including basic knowledge of common risks and hazard on work sites, how to control them and also correct use of personal protection equipment (PPE). The staff also gained an NT White Card which is a highly transferable qualification.

 Pictured is Irenee McCreevy, Sarah Bindle, Lino Odwa, Francis Madonko, Grace Barry and Jacob Khumalo, who all gained an NT White Card.