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Atitjere Staff Computer Training


Over the past few weeks all staff members in Atitjere have been able to request and gain access to the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) network.  They no longer need to fill in paper timesheets as the crew are undertaking Tech One training, the software that CDRC uses.

Staff are able to enter the information on their time cards directly into Tech One, cutting out the need to enter timesheet data into a spreadsheet, print and then sign the old paper forms.  All the field officers can request leave on Tech One and check emails as well as important dates and events in Outlook.

“This has been a great use of our time during the hotter days and has allowed us to conduct this training later in the day when it has been too hot to work outside,” said Warren Kenney, Community Services Coordinator (CSC) in Atitjere. “The works crew have gained some new skills and we may have saved a tree or two in the process,” he added.

Main photo above: Atitjere CSC Warren Kenney with Field Officer Kyle Dunn

Atitjere computer training

 Atitjere Works Supervisor Shane White is on the network