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Anmatjere LA Solar Lights


The Anmatjere Local Authority (LA) allocated money to have solar lights installed in the three communities that make up Anmatjere: Pmara Jutunta, Nturiya and Wilora.

Over the last two weeks the communities have been lit up with the installation of five new solar lights per community.

LA members and residents had highlighted ten dark areas in each of the three communities. These positions were forwarded for sacred site clearance and a clearance certificate was returned with maps showing the ten approved sites per community.

The LA decided that two purchases of fifteen solar lights would be made and the first has been delivered to Ti Tree. A contractor was engaged to install them and now they are lighting up the streets of Anmatjere.


With fifteen solar lights installed and thirty sites with clearance, there are fifteen more opportunities to brighten up community life in Anmatjere.

Photo above: One of the Pmara Jutunta solar lights.


Wilora LA solar lights

One of the Wilora solar lights.

Nturiya LA solar light

One of the Nturiya solar lights.