2015/2016 Regional Council Plan

I am pleased to present the Regional Council Plan for 2015/2016.  The creation of the Plan is a major activity for the Council incorporating ideas from across our communities and especially ideas from our Local Authorities. 

The plan provides the Council and its residents and ratepayers with a broad vision for the future of the region and a road map for achieving the Council’s vision.

This year has seen a major change in the Council’s funding arrangements with a significant change to the Federal Government grant funding as the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) is introduced.  The Council has been fortunate to secure most of the Federal funding requested and this will enable the Council to continue many of the programs that have been operating well in the past.

Also, this year saw the Federal Governments freeze on their Federal Assistance Grants come into effect.   The loss of automatic inflationary indexing on grants will continue to erode the Council’s income particularly as this policy appears to have been applied to the new IAS funding and other federal funding.  The Council continues to focus on efficiencies and improving productivity and I am confident that with the continued involvement of Local Authorities, the Council will continue to focus on improving our communities and ensuring they stay as great places to live.

I am confident that by working together, Council, Local Authorities and community residents can continue to support and build our communities and work towards a brighter future.

My thanks to the Councillors, Local Authority members and staff for all their hard work.  Together we are making a difference that we can be all be proud of.

Adrian Dixon
Council President