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2014/2015 Regional Council Plan

I am pleased to present the Regional Council Plan for 2014/2015. This plan is the product of a long and detailed process in which feedback and ideas are sought from Council, community and staff.

The plan provides the Council and its residents and ratepayers with a broad vision for the future of the region and a road map for achieving the Council’s vision. At a recent workshop with Councillors, the Vision and Mission of the Council were discussed and it is pleasing to see the strong support and commitment to the idea of working together to achieve great outcomes.

As we plan for the 2014/2015 financial year the Council has had to make a number of difficult decisions. Due to the loss of major commercial contracts the Council is facing a substantial reduction in income. The Council has been forced to adopt rates increases to partly compensate for this loss. The Council has also looked at its own operations to reduce waste and increase efficiency. In some cases this also means reducing nonessential services.

It is important at this time that the Council’s community members and stakeholders work together to ensure that the Council can work effectively. This can be as simple as picking up rubbish and putting the rubbish bins out in the right place for collection, but it also means ensuring that community facilities such as parks and buildings are looked after. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed by the Council or not, we all have a responsibility to look after our communities.

I am confident that by working together, Council, Local Authorities and community residents can continue to support and build our communities and work towards a bright future.

Thank you Councillors, Local Authority members and staff for the hard work you do. Together we make an organisation we can be all be proud of.

Adrian Dixon