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2011/2012 Shire Plan

Please find in the attachments below a link to the Central Desert Shire Council's Shire Plan for 2011/12.

Central Desert Shire Council is proud of it’s achievements to date and is determined that it will have a greater future. Central Desert Shire, in looking to that future must plan for that future. Council acknowledges that planning is the cornerstone of the management process and it needs to take a proactive approach to its operations and to have a clear focus and direction.

The 2011/2012 Shire Plan sets the direction for Council’s operations, service delivery, decisions, policies and budgets over the next year, four years and beyond. It sets out the key issues to be pursued by Council to address the community’s needs and aspirations. The Shire Plan will drive Council’s decision making and resource allocation.

By Council’s adoption of this Shire Plan strategic benefits in pursuing its Vision, Mission Statement and Goals are clearly delivered through:

  • Strategic direction being set for the organisation.
  • Council’s statutory obligations under the Northern Territory Local Government Act 2008 being met.
  • Leadership and direction being provided to the organisation.
  • The appropriate processes of decision making being identified and exercised.
  • Key policies and programs being set, directed and reviewed.
  • Ongoing reviews of the plan promoting performance assessment.

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