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Yuendumu to Spread the Peace Message

The Central Desert Regional Council has congratulated the Commonwealth Government for supporting the expansion of the Yuendumu Mediation and Justice Program.

Under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, Yuendumu Mediation & Justice Program will receive an additional $100,000 in 2015/16 to expand their service
to the nearby communities of Willowra and Ti Tree.

Council President Adrian Dixon said the additional funding was fantastic for not only Yuendumu residents but those people in neighbouring communities. 

“Yuendumu’s Peace process is proof that communities can solve their own problems.  There’s a lot to be learnt from what they’ve achieved in Yuendumu. It’s fantastic for Willowra and Ti Tree communities that Yuendumu will share their knowledge and their expertise to help them work through conflict”.

Central Desert Regional Council CEO Cathryn Hutton said that the recognition of the Yuendumu Mediation & Justice Program by the Minister for Indigenous
Affairs, Nigel Scullion and the confidence shown by senior management of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet was highly valued. 

 “The Yuendumu peace process has stabilised the community.  Yuendumu is back on its feet and is a shining light to communities across the country. The
‘process’ has been recognised nationally through a National Crime Prevention Award and the cost benefit analysis shows that investing money up front saves
not only money but a good deal of pain and heartbreak” Ms Hutton said.   

 A recent independent Cost Benefit Analysis conducted by Canberra University demonstrated that the Yuendumu Mediation & Justice Program saved the tax
payer $4 for every dollar invested by the Government. Yuendumu Mediation & Justice Program will receive $311,000 from the Commonwealth Government in