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Yuendumu Fun Day

Yuendumu School held a Fun Day on 3rd of August 2012. This day was to encourage school aged young people to come to school. It was a community event, proudly supported by all local community organizations and service providers to make it success. The major attractions of this day were face painting, nail painting, hair colouring, colouring in competition, computer games, sports, cooking pancakes and a barbecue.

The kids also had a great time with the fire fighters and the fire engine, which was parked in the school grounds for the event. The kids enjoyed climbing up on the fire truck and spraying the hoses. Maybe some of them will be fire fighters in the future! The fire truck (funded by FaHCSIA) was handed over to Yuendumu CDEP and it will remain permanently in the community.

Many kids enjoyed face painting, having their fingernails painted and their hair coloured. Children happily queued up waiting for their turn.

It was great to see parents, elders and people from community organizations relaxed, chatting and enjoying the time with the delicious food. Overall, it was a happy and worthwhile occasion for the whole school and community. A fun day was had by all who came along.

Celebrating a fun day by bringing every child to school is an idea of members of Yuendumu Mediation and Justice Committee. The committee is a forum of respected elders of Yuendumu. The Central Desert Shire has been supporting the committee for over five years.


The school with the support of community organizations hopes to have events like this every month where the kids,parents and the local people can have fun and spend time at school.