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Nyirripi's Clean Sweep

Nyirripi has tasted success at the Central Desert Shire Softball Championship and as a result will take on the Territories best at the NT Championships in Darwin.

The Shire's Championship Finals took place on the weekend when teams from across the Central Desert contested in Laramba, 200km North of Alice Springs. Laramba challenged Nyirripi in the grand final and began the final innings leading five runs to four. However Nyirripi proved to have greater stamina and skill winning the match nine to six.

 Whilst undefeated throughout the finals, there were several nail biting finishes. Ti Tree was an especially difficult opponent who forced Nyirripi into a tie breaker prior to the grand final. Angherad Gibson was Nyirripi’s star pitcher who scored more than seventy five percent and won the tournaments ‘Most Valuable Player Award’. Top End teams should be warned that Nyirripi means business and they have the talent to match.

 Almost twenty teams took part in the season across the two hundred and eighty two thousand square kilometre zone over a three month season. Players, officials and guests agreed that thanks go to the planning and dedicated work of the Central Desert Shire Youth, Sport and Recreation staff, the athletes across the region were treated to an exceptional event.

 The softball weekend was complimented by live music and extra entertainment on the Saturday night. Laramba community residents were thrilled to host the extra teams and the season’s fun and inclusive vibe extended to the dance floor.

 Thanks to their victory Nyirripi, which is a remote five and a half hour drive from Alice Springs, has won the backing of the Central Desert Shire Council to compete in the NT Championships. The team has already received a complete softball kit to give them the best possible chance to prove they are the Territory’s best.