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Mt Theo celebrates 20th anniversary


The Central Desert Shire Council salutes the Mt Theo Program and congratulates everyone involved with the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation in reaching their 20th anniversary milestone.  

Shire President Adrian Dixon says the region couldn’t have done without Mt Theo.  “Since 1993 Peggy Brown, Johnny Miller and other traditional owners and supporters of Mt Theo have worked really hard to provide a healing place for young people, to get them back on the right track. They’ve looked after hundreds of Warlpiri kids throughout Central and Northern Australia. “ Mr Dixon said.

Since its early days when the Mt Theo outstation was suggested as a place for young petrol sniffers to go, the Program has grown. Today it continues to provide a healing place for those who go off track and those effected by domestic violence, as well as programs to develop strong leaders, provide training and mentoring to prepare young people for work and for life challenges and youth, sport and recreation programs to keep young people healthy, active and out of mischief.  

Mr Dixon said that the Central Desert Shire has had a proud history of working closely with Mt Theo and WYDAC.  “The Shire has worked in partnership with WYDAC to ensure that youth programs have been delivered and facilities have been maintained in Lajamanu, Nyirripi, Willowra and Yuendumu.  We are very happy that we’ve been able to do this.”  Mr Dixon said

“We’re looking forward to continuing our work with WYDAC to help young people develop and achieve their dreams. On behalf of the Central Desert Shire I congratulate everyone involved with Mt Theo on their 20th anniversary.  You should all feel proud of what you have achieved.  You serve as an example to all Aboriginal communities throughout Australia about what can be achieved if you want something enough.” Mr Dixon said

10 Oct 2013