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Little Kids Big Winners in Ti Tree

Ti Tree community will benefit from a $500,000 grant over two and a half years provided through the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy. The money will enable the Central Desert Regional Council to deliver a mobile playgroup in the communities of Wilora, Nturiya and Pmara Jutunta for the next two and a half years.

Council President Adrian Dixon said the funding would help support young mums and dads in the Ti Tree region become confident parents.

“Everyone knows that little kids do most of their developing in the first five years. It’s really important that parents get this right. It’s important that they grow their kids up strong. It’s been a long time since young mums in Ti Tree have had this sort of support. It’s really good that we’re going to be able to work with families so that kids get what they need” Mr Dixon said. ”.

Central Desert Regional Council CEO Cathryn Hutton said that the announcement of the new funding was excellent news for Ti Tree but there were other communities in the region that were equally in need of sufficient childcare funding.

“The Council is very grateful to the Government and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion for recognising the need in Ti Tree. There are other
communities where there is equally high demand for early childhood services and significant funding gaps. That said, we’ll continue to work with Commonwealth Government agencies and other organisations such as Jesuit Social Services to help fill those gaps.” Ms Hutton said.