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Council Field Officers get real training for their real jobs

Indigenous Council Field Officers and Civil Works Assistants in Yuendumu and Papunya commenced important on-the-job training in municipal service delivery in early December.

A Certificate II in Rural Operations has been specially developed by the Central Desert Shire and MacDonnell Shire, in collaboration with the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT), for local Indigenous Field Officers and Civil Works Assistants also for trainees in the Remote Jobs and Communities Program. “This is real training for real employees in real jobs including installing fencing, repairing potholes, operating machinery, maintaining landfills, operating chainsaws , maintaining septic systems and participating in sustainable work practices" said Director of Works for Central Desert Shire, Glenn Marshall.

The training will be delivered by CAT over the next 2 years in a positive regional partnership. Peter Renehan, Chairman of the CAT Aboriginal Corporation Board said "CAT is committed to supporting employment and economic development opportunities for our people on country. By working in partnership with the Shires we are leveraging sustainable social and economic benefits for our families and communities ".

Graham Murnik, Acting Director of Service Centre Delivery at MacDonnell Shire said "we employ around 100 Indigenous Civil Works Assistants across 13 locations in the MacDonnell Shire, and we are committed to building our workers' skills and confidence as they deliver vital services for their fellow residents".

The picture shows Kasman Spencer (left) and Geoffrey Wilson (right) repairing a push whipper snipper as part of the "small engines" unit at the Yuendumu training.