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Central Desert Leading Local Enterprise

Doing business in Australia will be the focus of an innovative initiative to increase the number of Aboriginal people starting their own small businesses in the Central Desert Region.

A 'small business workshop' will be fully developed and delivered in Warlpiri for the first time. 

The Central Desert Regional Council has combined with the NT Department of the Chief Minister to bring the project to life.

Central Desert Regional Council CEO Cathryn Hutton says that this is a foundation strategy for future economic development in the region.

"Governments often talk about economic and enterprise development in the bush, the words roll off the tongue. In most cases they're meaningless to Aboriginal people living in our communities because its a completely different language, with completely different rules. This project is about informing people, dispelling some myths, creating an environment for informed decision making, but the key is that it's in people's first language." Ms Hutton said. 

The workshop is being developed in response to senior Aboriginal people wanting more information so they can more genuinely and actively participate in discussions about how to develop their communities and their land for their long term benefit. 

Central Desert Regional Council President Adrian Dixon is excited about the initiative.  

"This will be the first time that a business workshop will be delivered in full, in language. It will enable our people to better understand and debate what the issues are when two worlds collide. When issues of business, finance and the economy come up against issues of land, law and cultural heritage, and how and when that can be overcome." Mr Dixon said 

Ms Hutton said that the financial support for this initiative was a testament to the Governments commitment to local decision making. 

The Doing Small Business in the Bush Workshop will be developed by Matrix on Board using local cultural expertise and interpreters. 

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