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Council delivers water to Alyuen


The Alyuen outstation is now able to receive reliable clean drinking water thanks to a project delivered by the Central Desert Regional Council and funded through the Northern Territory Department of Community Services.  The new bore and pipeline will deliver a consistent water supply to the Alyuen outstation, Aileron Roadhouse and Aileron Station homestead. 

For the past few years, Alyuen has been receiving water from a rock aquifer; however supply was limited and supplemented with water trucked in from Ti Tree, which was not sustainable long term.  Thanks to this project, the dream of reliable water has finally been realised.

Minister for Community Services Bess Price attended the official launch on Friday 19 October, 2014 along with Council President Adrian Dixon and Councillor James Glenn. 

“I’m so proud to be a part of this momentous occasion as this was one of the first issues brought to my attention when I was elected as Member for Stuart in August 2012,” Mrs Price said. (For the Minister's full press release please click here.)

Delivering water to the Alyuen Outstation posed some challenges to the Council with the nearest reliable water supply being more than 18 kilometres away.  The project was only possible by a number of government and local organisations working together.  The Council provided significant resources to the project including labour, equipment and project management skills.  The works team from Ti Tree demonstrated their commitment and professionalism in delivering on such a significant and challenging project.  The Aileron Station has provided ongoing access to the pipeline and has assisted in the clearing of the pipeline as well as providing ongoing support for the solar bore.  Aileron Roadhouse has also assisted with accommodation and support of the works crews.

Central Desert Regional Council President Adrian Dixon said it was wonderful to have so many organisations working together for the benefit of the community.

“The Alyuen water pipeline provides significant benefits for Alyuen outstation,” Mr Dixon said.

“As the project manager, the council was proud to be part of such a collaborative initiative that brought together government and private enterprise. The project demonstrates the benefits that can be achieved by working in collaboration with your neighbours.”

For more information about the project please contact Glenn Marshall, Director Works on 8958 9520.